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New 2x33" Photo Studio Continuous Lighting Umbrella Video Photography Light Lamp

Item Code: FDW-JB-PS435
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Product Description:

Walking into the world of photography is daunting, especially with so many types of equipment out there.

With this lighting kit for both professionals and apprentices, however, it is much easier coping with frustration-free, simple & quick installable photo equipment,  and highly competitive quality is in addition.

By using the lighting umbrellas to diffuse the light, the camera will be able to capture a full spectrum of color with neutral skin tones and soft supple light.

Get started taking professional quality portraits with this versatile and easy to use lighting set up.


When shooting photos or filming indoors, typically there’s an existing light source. 

However, due to lack of directional lighting, less than desirable photos are produced. 

Here is where   kit comes in handy to help with directing light. 

For Portraiture photography,  can provide partial exposure light effect, this effect also can be adjusted based on the shooting subject (person) and distance of the light kit. 

A shorter distance will provide a smaller lighting area but brighter luminance. 

Inversely, longer distances can provide a larger lighting area but dimmer luminance.

For small subject or tabletop photography,  can provide full lighting exposure.

ours uses professional photographic light bulbs with a color temperature of 5500k. 

Providing natural lighting exposure so that the photo and/or film will not have a yellowish or blue tint effect.


(1) All-in-one Carrying Bag for Lighting kit and Bulbs

(1) Bulb Carrying Bag

(3) Newly Design Light Head with Beautiful Look and Smooth Holder

(3) 45W 5500K Photography Light Bulbs 

(2) 33" Photo White Umbrella

(3) Stable Lightweight Light Stand: 2 * 6.9 ft high and 1 * 2.6 ft high


In order to facilitate transport and packaging, we folded the photography backdrop cloth.

Please iron the back surface with steam iron.

Bulb, on a rare occasion, creates a mild burning scent, which is a normal reaction as the bulb gets heat.
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